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The Need for Panel Replacement

Damaged garage door panels are more than just an eyesore; they also compromise the integrity and functionality of your entire garage door system.A damaged panel can let in cold air during winter months, making your heating system work harder and increasing energy costs. But even worse is that if left unattended to fix itself (which never really happens), damage could spread to other parts of the garage door leading to a full-blown replacement rather than a simple repair.

Selecting the Right Panels

You might be tempted to buy those cheap knock-offs online but remember: not all garage doors are created equal. Some require specific types of panels based on their design or brand.We at Oliver Garage Door Repair know exactly what each type needs because we've worked with them all before.

  • If you have an insulated steel door like many homeowners do nowadays then only certain replacements will do because others won't offer adequate insulation properties required by these designs.
  • In case it’s wood you’re dealing with - fear not. We have experience replacing wooden ones too while ensuring that new matches old perfectly in terms aesthetics as well strength-wise since durability matters when considering longevity lifespan purpose usability factors etcetera plus who wants mismatched sections right?

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